Small Office Moves in Sarasota Often Can Be Handled in Just One Day

John Kennerty Office Moves

small office moves in sarasotaMost office relocations are for 5 office spaces or less.

According to the Mehigan Company, 2017 research showed North American offices averaged 151 square feet per worker, per real estate data provider CoreNet Global.

That means a Sarasota office of 5 people might be 755 square feet. Even if it’s twice that size, that’s about 1,500 square feet. Maybe there is a small conference room, lobby or entrance area and perhaps some open areas within the workspace. That may take the entire office space up to 2,500 square feet – the size of an average home in terms of square footage.

But most office moves are smaller than that. A 5 person office might have 5 desks, 5 desk chairs, filing cabinets, cubicles, seating, copier/fax machines, etc. A two or four man team of movers and furniture installers can very quickly disassemble, package up and move the furniture.

Most clients are keen on getting moves done quickly. An office relocation from Lakewood Ranch to downtown Sarasota could be done relatively quickly. Often, these moves or relocations can be done in a matter of hours and no more than two days.

It’s important when requesting quotes from local Sarasota office moving companies to ask about timing. Generally, an experience account rep should be able to give you a pretty accurate idea just from eyeballing your office space. *Certainly, a more accurate estimate will be provided once the furniture is itemized and other details are discussed.

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