Office Space Renovations Can Help When Running Out of Office Space in Sarasota

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renovate my sarasota officeThe following content is from the Mehigan Company, a corporate real estate advisory firm. They had some interesting insight for business owners who wonder how they choose the right amount of office space for their office that they may be leasing or buying. It’s good information for local Sarasota businesses who are looking to move office spaces or relocate.

And while it’s not comprehensive, the answer gives some good information.

How do you lease the right amount of space?

Make sure that you are accounting for planned growth. Make headcount projections for the expected term of the lease. Then, lease space so that around 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through the term you start reaching the occupancy limit.

Keep in mind that no two spaces are alike. Look for spaces that are more efficient, like rectangular spaces versus angled corners of a building. No two spaces with the same square footage are the same. Floor plan and layout matter.

If you are planning to grow, minimize the disruption to your business by seeking termination rights and expansion rights on contiguous space. Growing into adjacent space is far less disruptive than relocating your business to another building.

At Office Movers of Sarasota, we think this is important information

We say that because we work with many companies who, because of space issues, need to reconfigure their current office space because they’d outgrown their space, but still wanted to remain in the space. Because they owned the building, their solution was to remove a wall to open up more floorspace and then reconfigure their desk and cubicle set up to better serve their employees and help with the ‘flow’ of the office.

One of our services is commercial office renovation – adding walls, removing walls, installing permanent shelving, building out lobby areas or kitchen area and much more. See some of our office renovation pictures here.

Our focus is helping business with smaller renovations, and renovations motivated by growth or rearrangement of office space. We are general contractors, but do not specialize in full office makeovers or new build construction.

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